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  1. View File Sand Dust / Powder Explosion Photoshop Action Sand Dust / Powder Explosion Animation Photoshop Action The Item Sand Dust / Powder Explosion Animation Photoshop Action is one of the best in its kind. This product is very useful and developed with very care. The main outstanding feature of this product is its quality. This Action might prove a game changer for you. The video tutorial link is included in the ‘ReadmeFirst.pdf’ file in the download. The video tutorial covers how to set up your Photoshop file as well as effect customization techniques. The animation action has been working with Photoshop CC+; The action will ONLY WORK IN THE ENGLISH VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP . For instructions on how to revert your Photoshop to English to run the Action and the revert back to your native language, visit the link provided in the readme file included in the download. If you are having difficulties with the Action, first ensure you have watched the video tutorial. If you are still stuck, please visit the support page link included in the readme file in the download. View the Mike Sreda portfolio of the biggest collection of animated visual effects for your photos. Submitter </sm17hy> Submitted 04/22/2019 Category Photoshop Actions  
  2. View File Photoshop Double Exposure Action - FREE Double Exposure Action - a great tool for a photographer or designer. Create a wonderful effect of double exposure in a few seconds. After action finished work, you can add a color tone, or gradient to your composition. This effect is one of the leading places on the number of sales for many months! Link on the detailed video tutorial for this action included in Help file.txt — Updated! Added Multilingual versions Now it’s works with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Czech version of Photoshop. You no need to change language in your Photoshop. Use Photoshop on your native language! If your language is no in the list of languages is not a problem! How to change language in photoshop watch on youtube. The link under videotutorial. This action created and optimized for use on Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC — How to configure Photoshop to work with actions. 1. Make sure you are using the English version of Photoshop. Each action has been created and optimized to work only with the English version of Photoshop, so please make sure that you are using this version. If not, don’t worry: you can change the language of your version of Photoshop to English (and switch back again) By the way, my best selling Double Exposure Action has recently been updated, and you can now use it with the English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Czech versions of Photoshop. 2. Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color. To check these settings, go to Image->Mode and check the “RGB color” and “8 Bits/Channel”. 3. Make sure that the option “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on. This option applies only to CS5 and later versions of Photoshop. On the “LAYERS” panel, click on the menu icon, go to “Panel Options…”, and check that the “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on. 4. Use a photo with 72dpi or higher. If you are using a photo with less than 72dpi, the action will not function correctly. To fix this, go to Image->Image Size and increase the resolution value. 5. Set the Opacity of brush to 100%. Set the Opacity of the brush to 100%. Select the “Brush Tool” and move the opacity slider to 100%. — How to combine my actions? Open your photo Play the first action Save the result as an image Open the previously saved image Play the second action — Photos used in preview are not included. Submitter </sm17hy> Submitted 04/22/2019 Category Photoshop Actions  
  3. View File Video Pro - Video Wordpress Theme More information about Video Pro 2.1 Submit Video/Post: allow visitors to submit posts Various Video Network supported: use direct link from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Twitch, supports all kinds of embed link or direct link Video Series: build a movie database with mult-episode series Video Playlist: create a video playlist easily Video Channel: setup channels of videos Live Video supported: catch the future of live videos Import Videos from YouTube, Vimeo’s channels: support WordPress YouTube Import, Automatic plugins, WP Video Robot Floating Player: watch video while browsing other content Video Actors: promote movie stars Video Screenshots: view video screenshots before watching Video Lightbox: watch video without opening new page Multi-links: upload your video to several servers so users can choose where to watch faster Support Social Locker: earn likes and shares for your content Video Player logic: extend your video player functions, such as adding rolling Ads Filter Videos and Advance Search feature: filter videos based on various conditions Video Rating: allow admin and users to rate content Watch Later: allow users to add videos to Watch Later list External Link: promote affiliated content with External Link Tons of video-related features Customizable: change color, typo, background for every part of the page Advertisement: offer various pre-defined locations to place ads Membership features: with WPMU Membership integration Community features: with BuddyPress integration Download Video: a small button for a big job Ajax search: instant search content Support Age Verify plugin: verify your audience’s age for adult content Cactus Landing page a simple plugin to manage Opening Soon or Maintenance mode SoundCloud customization: customize SoundCloud player easily Powerful shortcodes: Smart Content Box with 10 layouts and Posts Slider to support all post types Hundreds of Theme Options 5 widget styles Ajax loading content, optimized speed 3 Page Layout: wide, inbox, full-width 2 Header Layouts and 2 Color Schemas 3 Blog Layouts 2 Video Layouts Very detail document with advanced Ajax Search: Online Document Submitter </sm17hy> Submitted 04/22/2019 Category Wordpress Themes  
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    What is HTML?

    HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages HTML elements are represented by tags HTML tags label pieces of content such as "heading", "paragraph", "table", and so on Browsers do not display the HTML tags, but use them to render the content of the page <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Page Title</title> </head> <body> <h1>My First Heading</h1> <p>My first paragraph.</p> </body> </html> Example Explained The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5 The <html> element is the root element of an HTML page The <head> element contains meta information about the document The <title> element specifies a title for the document The <body> element contains the visible page content The <h1> element defines a large heading The <p> element defines a paragraph HTML Tags HTML tags are element names surrounded by angle brackets: <tagname>content goes here...</tagname> HTML tags normally come in pairs like <p> and </p> The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag The end tag is written like the start tag, but with a forward slash inserted before the tag name Tip: The start tag is also called the opening tag, and the end tag the closing tag. Web Browsers The purpose of a web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari) is to read HTML documents and display them. The browser does not display the HTML tags, but uses them to determine how to display the document: HTML Page Structure Below is a visualization of an HTML page structure: <html> <head> <title>Page title</title> </head> <body> <h1>This is a heading</h1> <p>This is a paragraph.</p> <p>This is another paragraph.</p> </body> </html> Note: Only the content inside the <body> section (the white area above) is displayed in a browser. The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration The <!DOCTYPE> declaration represents the document type, and helps browsers to display web pages correctly. It must only appear once, at the top of the page (before any HTML tags). The <!DOCTYPE> declaration is not case sensitive. The <!DOCTYPE> declaration for HTML5 is: <!DOCTYPE html> HTML Versions Since the early days of the web, there have been many versions of HTML: Version Year HTML 1991 HTML 2.0 1995 HTML 3.2 1997 HTML 4.01 1999 XHTML 2000 HTML5 2014
  5. View File Social Auto Poster - WordPress Plugin Social Auto Poster - A perfect choice for auto posting your content to famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Buffer App, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can configure your social accounts and post new content as well as repost your old content to keep it alive and reach a maximum audience. SAP provides an amazing feature for schedulingyour content to post whenever you desired. The plugin also works well with personal profiles, business pages, groups etc Features: Auto Post New Content : Allow auto posting new/old post to configured social networks. Almost every popular social networks are supported. Supports Custom Post Types : Especially handy for custom websites using other content types apart from the default onces. SAP allows to autopost, blogpost, pages, woocommerce products and any other "custom post type". Configure Unlimited Of Each Social Media : Allows you to share your content to multiple accounts on each of the supported social networks. No limitation. Plugin work with profiles, business pages, community pages, groups, etc. Scheduled Posting : You can schedule the exact time when the auto post should go out. Scheduling option: Minutes, Hourly, Twice daily, Daily or Weekly. You can also set posting order by post title, date, post type or rendomly for the scheduled posts. Hashtags From Tags Or Categories : Make it easy for yourself. SAP can post tags, categories and any other custom WordPress taxonomies as hashtags. Total Control Over Social Media Shares : Whether you want to share just the titles of your posts, include a hashtag, mention a @usename or some completely custom additional text, our plugin allows you to do that. SAP can also fetch pictures from blog posts automatically and then attach them to your social media shares. URL Shorteners : Ability to shorten long URL into a TinyURL with TinyURL.com, bit.ly, shorte.st, Google or built in WordPress URL shortner. Logs Tracking : Logs available to track all social posting activities. Posting Statistics : Graphical representation of each social media postings with different filter options. Category Wise Posting : Set what posts go to each network based on categories. Exclude Category : Exclude the content that you don’t want to post which belongs to a particular category. Share Your Post More Than Once : SAP allows you to manually shares every post multiple times. Customize Message Format :- Ability to add custom message for each account individually. Post your posts uniquely as per your requirement on each social network. Publish A Single Wordpress Post : Ability to publish a single post to all configured accounts concurrently with just one click. Unique URL : Unique URL generated each time for each wall post to avoid duplicate content error. 100% Multilanguage : Social Auto Poster is completely translatable both in front and back-end. E-commerce Supports : Social Auto Poster are supported e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or Jigoshop. Emoji Support : Support emoji codes for posting on social media. Google Analytics Campaign Tracking : Support Google Analytics Campaign Tracking, this will allows you to see how popular your posts are and monitor the exact traffic you are getting with Google Analytics. Auto re-post already existing posts : Don’t stop after just a single social media share SAP allows you to share every post multiple times over and over again. SAP can select specific posts for re-posting using filters. Supported Networks: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr BufferApp Instagram Pinterest Demo: Front end -> http://demo.wpweb.co.in/social-auto-poster/ Back end -> http://demo.wpweb.co.in/social-auto-poster/wp-admin/ Submitter Sm17hyc Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Wordpress Plugins  
  6. View File Haunter Photoshop Action Remember those historic war images that have that unique special… eerie look in them? You can now achieve the same look in your images!!! Haunter is a set of 8 Photoshop actions to give your images a special harsh old image ghostly look. Includes 5 free bonus actions — 13 actions total. Features: Nice elegant action to give your images a vintage ghostly look. 8 actions — 2 versions — 4 intensity levels each. ncludes “Heat” version — get the look of a rusty negative. The result is completely editable. Works with Photoshop in any language. Built and optimized to have the fewest steps possible, making the actions run fast! Works in Photoshop Elements. Includes a bonus free sharpening action. Includes a bonus free vignetting action. Includes 3 bonus free noise actions. Submitter </sm17hy> Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Photoshop Actions  
  7. View File 907 Responsive wp one page parallax About This File 907 Parallax WordPress theme is very versatile with great options and features, ideal for Many uses( Aerial Video, Portfolio, Bakery, Tattoo,Taxi, Lawyer, Medical, Photographer, Business, GYMS, Freelancer, Fitness, Diet, Training, Sports, Construction, Builders, Roofers, Barbers, Hair Stylist, Beard Trimmer, Salon, Apps, Product Launch, Resumes, Single Property, Home Sale, Realtor, Artist, Drones, Quadrocopter, Aerial Photography, Video Site, Architecture, Architect, App, Cleaning, Music, Creative Agency, Modeling, Landing Page and much MUCH more.. ). Grab it today! Features Multi-Page, Powerful One Pagers, Have as many pages you want! Pages can have their own logos, colors, fonts, menus and more! Includes Visual Composer, Revolution Slider Parallax & Video Backgrounds, complete with colored overlay option. - New! Mobile Video Backgrounds now supported on supported mobile devices. Boxed & Full Width Option! CSS Page Loaders Loaders can be enabled/disabled on per page basis. Next/Prev Post nav, 3 styles to choose from. WooCommerce Support complete with ajax pagination and animate to cart feature Full width menu bar option Full width footer area option Unlimited Portfolios, even on same page! Portfolio Features MouseOver Video Awesome Layout Control & Options Filterable Optional Ajax Pagination Show/Hide excerpt text and title Unlimited Blogs, even on same page! Blog Features Awesome Layout Control & Options Optional Ajax Pagination or Load More feature Show/Hide excerpt text and title Color settings and more.. Unlimited Menus, can be set on any page/post/portfolio/etc Multi Level Navigation Unlimited Sidebars 1 Click Demo Importer, so easy to get up and going. Google Fonts Sticky NavBar Font Icons, great on retina devices Woocommerce Integration Contact Form 7 Integration Translation Ready (po/mo) files included, WPML Easy to Use Theme Options Panel Includes Basic Child Theme All Demos Included! View Demos Submitter </sm17hy> Submitted 04/21/2019 Category Wordpress Themes  
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